Quake Aftershocks Continue, So Does Your Help!

More “THANKS”!!!   Your sacrifices are feeding the starving and providing medicine for people in pain in Port au Prince.  Your gifts have been directed about 50/50:  50% for food and water; 50% for medicine.  Much of the medicine and medical treatment is for amputation and surgery.  (We’ve recognized some of the doctors on CNN.)

The reports from Boileau are still very limited.  Telephone communications remain disrupted.  Dozens of attempts have produced 3 brief connections which were cut off after 2 or 3 minutes.  In the village, the aftershocks continue and people are frightened at the prospect of what might happen next.  They are sleeping outside since they are afraid to stay inside buildings. The people streaming out of Port au Prince are reaching the rural villages like Boileau.  Most are “moving in” with a friend or relative.  Since they have nothing and do not dare sleep in the house, “moving in” means little more than finding another flat place on the ground to sleep. Boileau is glad to be able to welcome them and offer clean water from the wells you provided. Their limited food is, however, being shared among many more people.  The cost of all staples is rapidly increasing.  Gasoline is scarce and expensive.  It is already difficult to get fuel needed for the generator at the clinic.

School has been suspended.  The clinic is very busy.

Since the exodus from Port au Prince threatens to overwhelm the village, we might need to redirect a portion of the funding for emergency food to Boileau to feed the “guests”.

Meanwhile, our goal remains to keep using our contacts in Haiti to fill the gaps between the efforts of the large programs, to catch victims who are falling between the cracks.  Your gifts are saving lives!!  Thanks.

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