After 3 Weeks – Helping the Most Vulnerable

Three weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, the consequences continue to deepen the pain. People walking or on bicycles crowd the roads leaving Port au Prince; leaving the city behind, they hope there will be some food in the country.  Many cannot leave.

One friend reports that his 72 year-old aunt injured her hip when the roof crashed down during the quake.  She and her 73 year-old husband are living on the street. They hope the hip injury will heal, since they can’t walk to get medical attention.  They depend on others to share food since they can’t walk to the aid distribution centers.  When asked if they can make it, they answered, “Yes, we pray that God will help us.”   These are examples of the people your gifts are helping, the many who cannot stand in line, who cannot compete for the water and food.

In Boileau they recognize the importance of re-establishing the fragile structure of a normal schedule.  School started again last Monday. Although we are nervous, they responded that they have “tested” the building to confirm it remains strong. They report: “We now have a lot of people from the earthquake in Boileau.  They need a lot of help with food, shelter, and clothing.  We don’t have enough, but we will do the best we can.”

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