120 New Refugee Students at St. Therese of Boileau

During the past few weeks, we’ve had only little droplets of communication: very brief telephone calls which were disconnected after a few minutes, compressed emails which seemed to escape and reach their destination accidentally.  During the past few days the droplets have started to become a trickle.  We’re getting a little more detail.Father Kensy reports: “We presently have a total of 120 new refugee students St. Therese School, and they came to us empty-handed. Several of their parents have disappeared.  We need to make benches for them and get books and supplies for them.”

Finding space for the benches will also be a problem.  The school was already crowded, but their tradition is to share whatever they have with those in trouble.  He reports, they cannot just turn away from people seeking help.  They share whatever they have, not just their excess.

He also reports that the costs of food for the school lunch program have increased even more so they are challenged to spread less among more hungry mouths.

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