How do we know donations are used as promised?

It’s a valid question. Television news reports that some of the money donated to help Haitians with earthquake relief and recovery from the devastation is not reaching the people who need help.  So, how do we know that money donated to the Haitian Pilgrims is really helping the Haitians?

First, we’ve gone down there to check on projects and see first-hand.  Second, we are on the phone and exchanging emails weekly – or more often – with several different people who we can use to corroborate each other.

There is a more complete discussion of the project status and plans for 2010 in the discussion below, “The Haitian Pilgrim Program For 2010”.  I won’t repeat all that in this message.  It is relevant, however, to specifically acknowledge that we take the responsibility very seriously to continually confirm that the sacrifices our donors make are used as promised.  We make the commitment that 100% of your gifts will reach Haiti.  Our staff is all unpaid volunteers and administrative costs such as stamps, etc are all paid by the members…no administrative costs are subtracted from donations.

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