Overview Update – Not too late to help Haiti

The school is crowded.  Even the storage closet is being used as a classroom.  They have books – because of you.  The students are energetic—because you are providing a school lunch program. Their education will provide new solutions for tomorrow’s leadership in Boileau.

This discussion is a very brief overview update.  More detailed discussion about each project will be in an article dedicated to the individual project.  Discussions about the school and the Agriculture and Livestock Programs have been submitted so far.  These more detailed discussions are below.

The seeds you provided are growing tomatoes and cabbage and beans and corn. Families have food and can even take a little “to market” for a small cash crop. The emergency relief food you provided sustained the villagers through the initial earthquake crisis.  The seeds and tools and agriculture training provide the start of a sustainable source of food.

Piglets and chickens and goats and sheep–several families now have a start on raising livestock.  They even have a half-dozen cows and a bull!!

The villagers in Boileau are very grateful that there is some hope.  But the crowd at the clinic each day is a reminder both that much help is still needed and that someone hears their cry for help. The medicine you provide not only helps their body, it helps their spirit with it’s message that someone cares about them. The doctors and nurses and generator and clean water and micro-credit are all a testimony that they have not been forgotten.

The villagers in Boileau need a little lift in their spirits. The refugees from the earthquake have depleted their resources. Although they have not had a direct hit from a hurricane this year, they have had flooding.  Several families had to sleep on the school floor when their homes were flooded.

It’s not too late!  If you still have an envelope from the Christmas in July garland, your gift will help!  Next week we will start collecting the Coin Boxes.  Your success in finding ways to sacrifice a dollar each day for the Coin Box will help keep the kids in school and provide lunches and provide medicine.

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