Haitian Pilgrims Organization

Howdy Pilgrims,

All the absentee ballots are in!  The three nominees for Director roles are fully supported and elected by the Haitian Pilgrim members.  Alix, Kirk, and Sue are welcomed as Directors!  Mike will continue as a Director; Deacon Ray and Father John will continue in Consulting roles.

There were no surprises at the first meeting.  All immediately acknowledged that we can’t do it without lots of help and concurred that the Directors will plead for volunteers to form a Core Leadership Team who will manage key activities . There will be opportunities for both Team Leadership and team member – so we can use whatever amount of time and energy you can volunteer.  The need for help is so intense and the suggestions for Haitian Pilgrims to do more are so frequent, it’s time to take on some additional programs.

The Leadership Team will oversee the operational management of the various key projects.  A member of the Leadership Team could participate as a team member in other projects.  So you won’t get boxed into only one part of the program.

Some of these key operational areas that require management/oversight include:

    • School – lunch program, supplies


  • Clinic – pharmacy, laboratory, staffing



  • Micro credit



  • Water



  • Agriculture



  • Community Leadership/Activities Development



  • Finance [501(c)(3) reporting, tax letters, etc]



  • Fundraising



  • Communication to donors (project updates, “thank you” letters)



  • New Ventures  (explore/research new possibilities & suggestions from



  • Translation (English to French & vice versa)


So, as soon as we get back from the Stewardship trip to Haiti, we’ll be looking for volunteers who are willing to jump into some of these activities.

Certainly, one needing improvement is communication with members – better updates on the website will be a high priority.

Meanwhile, if questions, I’ll welcome an email ( since I’ll be traveling to/from Haiti for the next 10 days, a phone call won’t work very well; also, response to email won’t happen until after we return).  Keep us in your prayers – and think about what role you will enjoy in the “new and improved” Haitian Pilgrims .

– Mike Frost

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