Images of Boileau

Following are several recent photos of Boileau…

This house was one of the better houses until the earthquakes hit. While this is nothing like the pictures of downtown Port-au-Prince which we have seen in the newspapers and on television, it accurately shows that there was some damage throughout the country.


One of several wells that have been drilled in and around Boileau. Each time a new well has been completed and is ready for usage, there is a blessing and thanksgiving ceremony.


A vegetable garden in Boileau being plowed by Oxen. Our Pilgrims have provided some Oxen for this purpose. In many places there is more land than can be plowed by men alone.


A skinny Black Bull getting a drink in a nearby creek. You can see how skinny he is. This is another problem within the agricultural process. They need to get the animals well fed so they can provide more meat to be sold on the local market.


The majority of Haitians are very religious, mostly Catholic. This is Fr. John, of St. Phillips, concelebrating at a mass in Boileau.

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