Stewardship trip

Howdy Pilgrims,

As we discussed at the meeting, four members are going to Haiti during the first week of June as another of “Stewardship” trips (Sue, Alix, Moise, and me). We will spend the week in Boileau learning and listening – and doing a little talking.

We want to understand the situation in Boileau: confirm progress on the projects; confirm we both have the same understanding about future directions.  Part of the function of the “stewardship trip” is to perform due diligence on behalf of the donors, to confirm that money is being used as promised.  We’ve not had problems in this area, but we have a strong obligation to donors to make certain.  So, in addition to the quarterly reports which they send to us, the trips make it very clear to all that we will be there, in person, to see.  Alix frequently quotes someone who said:  “trust, but verify”.

This trip will direct special attention to expanding employment opportunities within Boileau. Yes, “expanding” from zero is a challenge – but everything helps. This trip we will also increase our role in providing some “guidance”.

In the past we have made suggestions – gently coaching-and they’ve been very willing to accept our suggestions.  This trip we’ll probably step outside their “comfort zone”.  Some topics for special attention will include:

    • establishing a mill at Boileau  (for grinding grains such as soy and


  • using the school building for “two shifts” – primary school during day;
    trade  school at night



  • expanded loans from micro-credit for bigger projects (like $4,000 to
    purchase  oxen to plow the fields)


One possibility we’ll explore is whether/how the village can establish a “barber shop”.  Wahl Clipper company donated half-dozen, heavy-duty hair clippers to plant a seed-possibly a small job-training and possibly the initial capital investment for a local barber shop.  We’ll explore how they can keep more pennies circulating within the village rather than paying for services in Cavaillon.

So, we will learn, but we also plan to coach and guide.  Keep us in your prayers.

– Mike Frost

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