Beautiful Haitian Artwork – Reminders of Haiti

Ellen Cote went to Haiti with us in 2013.  Her primary goal was to see firsthand what Haiti was all about.  Nothing could have prepared her for the crushing poverty.  The Haitian people touched her heart and she brought home some memories from some of the local artists.  Below is her story:

People were living by the side of the road in cardboard huts with their meager belongings nearby.  Some people didn’t even have a box, they just sat on a piece of cardboard.  Port-au-Prince was covered in a brownish gray dust. The trees were too.  The only real color was the city buses which were painted in the traditional style of Haiti with bright cheerful colors.

Haitian Pilgrims and Food for the Poor are involved in countless ways providing much needed services in Haiti.  We visited several sites which included Food for The Poor’s meal distribution site, an orphanage, a community for the elderly, a village where homes were being constructed. and a primary school. At every site we found the people to be very friendly.  The children were very curious and when given the opportunity would reach out and touch our hair and faces.  They touched our hearts as well. I will never forget them.

Before leaving we shopped at an artist co-op where we were introduced to amazing Haitian art. Every possible material was used to create countless objects.  Beautiful wooden boxes and crosses, beaded jewelry, oil paintings, Christmas ornaments and more filled the shop. It is safe to say I contributed to the local economy as best I could.  They are reminders of this memorable trip.

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