Alix and Mike Going to Haiti

Alix and Mike will visit our adopted village, Boileau to discuss their new priorities for projects following the earthquakes and the February flooding.  Despite valiant efforts at email and telephone contact, our communication is always incomplete.  Personal visits provide a chance to get a more detailed understanding of their situation so we can bring back an updated picture for the Haitian Pilgrim group.

Also, this will serve as our annual “stewardship trip” during which we inspect all of the projects and talk with project members to confirm we have a clear understanding of progress.  Periodic visits are a good policy both to improve our understanding of their current needs and to validate that funds are being used as promised.

Report from Haiti

As previously announced, a few of our Haitian Pilgrims will spend a few days in Boileau to review the current situation there.  (See prior report.)   “Everything is going well.”  That is a direct quote from the email from Haiti.  More details (and “quotes”) follow.

They made the trip from Port au Prince to south Haiti by car.  “Driving was a challenge.  There were a few sections where the road was smooth enough to go 35-40 miles an hour, but these sections had numerous speed bumps.  There were also several sections which had been washed out by the hurricane waters.  They have built alternate roads.  These roads are dirt and have gigantic potholes.”  It was a long trip.

“Father Kensy arranged for us to have a late dinner at the Bishop’s house.  We were famished and the food was good.”

Their plan was to go to Boileau first thing Sunday morning.  Further updates will be shared as we receive them.

Haitian Pilgrims to Visit Boileau

A few of our Haitian Pilgrim group will be making a Stewardship visit to St. Therese, our sister parish in Boileau,  Haiti. The trip is from November 7 to November 14.

Their purpose is to review the status of our projects in Boileau and to more fully understand the current status of the Boileau area after this year’s major hurricanes.  These reviews are a critical part of managing the assistance which St. Phillip is continuing to send to Boileau.

Following the review process, they will spend time with Father Kensy and the other leaders in Boileau to insure that all involved are “on the same page”.  Understanding each other’s priorities is another essential part of the management process.

Please think of, and pray for these travelers.

FYI, each of the traveling Pilgrims will be paying their own way, with the exception of some Frequent Flyer Miles which have been donated by a few generous folks. All of the proceeds of “Christmas in July” and our recent drive for Hurricane relief will go directly to the people of Boileau.