Since our first trip to Haiti in 1999, our group has remained committed to helping the poorest of the poor. We have grown over the years to develop programs to help villages in Haiti become self-sufficient. Our efforts are focused on the following core areas…

Agriculture & Livestock

agWe provide funding to train farmers to raise their own livestock and produce,  with a focus on soil conservation.

Micro-Credits Program

micro creditsWe provide loans of $100 to $200 for villagers to launch entrepreneurial ventures, which are usually small scale, local retailing efforts.

Water Wells

wells2We have already provided a number of artesian wells to provide clean,
disease-free water for villagers, with plans for many more.

Community Leadership

communityThis program works to develop Boileau’s young leaders as they work toward
successful self-sufficiency.


medicineAfter building a clinic for the village of Boileau in 2001, this program  provides funding for clinical staff and medicine.


educationThrough this program, we have provided a new school and daily lunches for
students. Ongoing efforts include books and College Scholarships.